Please enquire about purchasing any of the paintings below.

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Hiding in the Roses.


152cm x 121cm

Acrylic and paper

on canvas.

Dodge on Fairfax.


76cm x 101cm

Acrylic on canvas.

Rolls Royce in for repair just off Sloane Square.


150cm x 100cm Oil and acrylic on canvas.

Lust for Love.


150cm x 100cm

Oil, acrylic and household paints on canvas.

Pool in the Nevada Desert.


50cm x 70cm Acrylic, oil, pencil and photograph collage on canvas.

Dog walking from a hedge into some blossom.


100cm x 100cm Acrylic and pencil on canvas.

Bird flying through a window in winter.


100cm x 100cm

Acrylic on canvas.


Hot wall in Africa.


90cm x 80cm Acrylic on canvas.


The Bus Stop.


Ink, charcoal and pencil on A1 paper.




150cm x 100cm Acrylic, oil and spray paint on canvas.